How to: Mobile Access with HID

What is HID?

HID is a mobile access solution that works just like a physical access card except using your mobile phone and the Lane app.

Why use Mobile Access?

Mobile access replaces access cards and key fobs by transforming your mobile device into a digital wallet that can store multiple access credentials and open doors by tapping or bringing your phone near an access reader. 

That means no longer needing to touch passcards, readers or common area surfaces in order to walk through lobby turnstiles or to open building doors.

From Fobs to Phones: Why Mobile Access Leads to a Smarter and Safer Workplace

Configuring Mobile Access with Safetrust

Register with HID

To begin, you must be invited to register with HID by an administrator.

Open the invitation email from HID and make note of the 16 digit Invitation Code to be entered later.

Connect HID with Lane

  1. Open the Lane app and click on Mobile Access:
  2. Enter the 16 digit Invitation Code:
  3. Confirmation:

Using Mobile Access with HID

To unlock a door using Mobile Access, hold your device close to the reader or tap it, similar to how you use an access card today.

  • Ensure your device is sufficiently charged and has Bluetooth enabled.
  • The HID app will work even if the Lane app is running in the background. 
  • The HID configuration settings includes a Twist and Go option where you hold your mobile phone up and make a twisting motion to activate mobile access and open the door. 



If you have any questions about Mobile access with HID, contact the Helpdesk at and we will be happy to help you.

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