How to: Invite a new Member


How can a new member join Lane?

New users can join Lane by signing up and joining a public channel, or by accepting an email invitation to join a public or private channel.

How to invite a new member

As an admin, you can invite a new member to a team through the following steps:

  1. Team Management: In the Admin View, go to Team Management.

  2. Choose a Team: In general, Admins and Workplace Admins have permissions to post content and administer your workplace channels. Workplace Members are generally the end-users who read and interact with the app. Retail Managers have the ability to manage content related to retail channels.

  3. Invite: To add someone to a Team, click on the Team name, then click on Invite send an email invite using their full name and email address.
  4. Accepting an invite: If the person already has an account with Lane, they can accept and join your Channel, or accept and set up a password before joining. Their full name and email address is already populated from the invitation.

  5. Add User: If you know the person you wish to invite is a member of another Team, or another Channel that you are also an Admin member of, you can use the Add User function to find their existing profile and add them to the new Team. This will not send an email invitation.

  6. Bulk Invites: If adding several new people, use the Bulk Invite function to enter a list of names and email address to send an invite. You can also upload a list of people using the Bulk Invite from CSV option.

If you have any questions about adding new Team Members, feel free to reach out to our Support Team: We are happy to help!

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