How to: Add A New Team Member

Adding Team Members is a great way to build engagement in your workplace.


You can easily invite a member to your team through the following steps:

  • Team Management: In the Admin View, go to Team Management. By default, there are four user groups:
    • Admin
    • Workplace Admin
    • Retail Manager
    • Workplace Member
  • Choose a Team: Admins and Workplace Admins have permissions to post content and administer your workplace channels. Workplace Members are generally the end-users who read and interact with the app. Retail Managers have the ability to manage content related to retail channels. Custom teams can be added to meet other needs, such as Maintenance, Health and Safety, Fire Marshalls or Parking.
  • Add or Invite:  To add someone to a Team, click on the Team and choose whether to Add an existing user or Invite a new user who does not already have an account.
  • Email Invite: If adding a new user, enter their name and email address to send an invite. You can invite multiple people using the Bulk Invite options.  

If you have gone through these steps and have questions, feel free to reach out to our Support Team: We happily stand by to lend a hand!

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