How To Add A New Team Member?

Adding Team Members is a great way to boost engagement by giving your teammates access to post content.  


You can easily invite a member to your team through the following steps:

  • Team Management: Within your channel settings, you will have the ability to control the accounts that have access to your workplace.  By default, there are four user groups: Admin, Retail Manager, Workplace Member, and Workplace Admin.
  • Access Types: Admins and Workplace Admins both have access to post content and administer your workplace channels. Workplace Members are generally tenants or end-users, making use of your workplace application. Retail Managers have the ability to manage Retail Profiles within the app. 
  • Invitations:  To add someone to a channel, simply click the user group type (For Example, Click Workplace Admin).  Then from the top right, click the invite and some basic details for that team member. 
  • Sign Up:  The team member will then receive an email to sign up and accept the invite to your workplace, with the access level you assign.   


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