How To Customize The Content Navigation Card?

The Content Navigation Card is a vital step in the content creation process. Taking the time to correctly configure the Navigation Card will lead to a more engaging post!

Here are some tips for creating engaging Content Navigation Cards:

  • High Definition Images:  Be sure to use clear, high-quality images when selecting your Navigation Card layout. Make sure the images are free of text and are visible within the Card aspect ratio.
  • Title: Short, sweet, engaging, and to the point!  You want to ensure your title is captivating your tenant's attention boosting your engagement for that post.
  • Description: The fine print.  Any key details relating to your post should be placed here, keeping the Title short and sweet. 
  • Category: This will allow you to easily sort content keeping thing in place and organized. 
  • Card Layout: Select a layout that best fits the your Image, Title and Description.  Keep in mind you want your text to be readable and the image to look sharp. 
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