How To Schedule And Target A Post?

Scheduling and targeting gets your message to the right people, at the right time.     

The Scheduling and Targeting menu has these useful options: 

  • Goes Live Date: The date your post or notice automatically appears in your building's content feed. This can be set to present time or some time in the future.
  • Starts and Ends: The span of time in days went his post will remain live. The 'Starts' time will indicate what time a relevant 'event' actually begins on the start day and the 'Ends' time indicates at what time exactly the post will automatically unpublish itself from your channel's feed
  • Reach: This number lets your know how many users (admin and subscribers) will potentially see this post.
  • 'Send to Everyone at ...': Click this checkbox automatically targets this content to everyone at the current channel. Just below are options to also target the post to a sub channel, specific tenant (retailer/servce or company) a specific team or another channel altogether (that you have admin access to).
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