How To: Use a Sub Channel

What are Sub Channels?

Sub Channels are channels used to create and manage specific content material. Sub Channels can exist at any level: under a Parent, under any type of Channel, or even under another Sub Channel.

The content creators of a Sub Channel can keep their material separate from the content of the main channel, and it may be a different group of content creators entirely from the main channel.


What can Sub Channels be used for?

Sub Channels may be used as a separate place to create content, which could be based on various topics, regions, languages, or locations. It allows for separation of content creators from the main channel.

A user who is a content creator in both channels will see content from both channels under appropriate headings in the Content and Page Centers:



How is content in a Sub Channel shown?

Content created in a Sub Channel can be displayed on the main channel or another channel the content creator has access to. Content can also be targeted to specific teams on another channel, based on location, regional, or language needs.

How are Sub Channels created?

As a Workplace Admin, go to Sub Channels under the Channel Settings area of the Admin View and click on Add.


Enter the following details for the Sub Channel:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Unique Link
  • Address
  • Display Name


Click on Create when ready.

How do I access a Sub Channel?

To access a Sub Channel that has already been created, go to the parent channel and click on Sub Channels to view the list of sub channels under that parent. 

How do I manage Teams in a Sub Channel?

The main purpose of a Sub Channel is to provide content creators a separate space to create content. Go to the Team Management area of the Sub Channel and add team members to the Workplace Admin team, or to a custom Content Creation team as needed. 


The Sub Channel will appear to Team Members in the Channel Selector just like a regular channel.

How do I manage Content in a Sub Channel?

The Content and Page Centers in a Sub Channel are separate and distinct from the main channel, which allows the content creators to manage the content they create without conflicting with other content creators.

The Channel the content belongs under is shown under headings. Depending on team enrolment and permissions, a content creator may be able to see and manage content from related channels as well.


How do I target Content created in a Sub Channel?

In general, a Sub Channel does not have Tabs or team members having direct access to it.

Instead, Sub Channel content appears in targeted content feeds in the main channel, or as links. When creating content, the creators simply target users in the main channel, or configure a feed to pull content from a designated Sub Channel or Section. 


Do I need to enroll my end users as well?

No, Workplace Members do not need to be enrolled in a team in the Sub Channel in order to see content created within it.

In you have any questions about Sub Channels or how to configure them, contact our Help Desk at and we will be happy to help!



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