How To Use The Property Dashboard?

The Property dashboard shows you a snapshot of the most valuable metrics that can provide actionable insights into the performance of your property and the behavior of your members.




Using the Property Dashboard is easy, and with these simple steps you will be able to refine the data you collect: 

  • Explore: With just a short scroll, you can view all of the smart and interactive data for your workplace
  • Filter: The time period selector gives you the ability to dial into your adoption, activity metrics, and total reach for the specified time frame.  The time period filter applies globally to all of the widgets within your Dashboard. 


  • Content Interactions/clicks/views: Each interactive post within your workplace will display a new widget, showing a breakdown of all interactions at a glance. Use these to quickly manage contest/survey submissions, work orders, bookings, etc. which are currently running on your channel. 


  • Date Range: To view analytics for a specific day, select a time period, and hover your mouse over the date of choice. You will then actively see the metrics for the date as hovered upon.  


  • Post Interactive Content: Seeing a bare Dashboard? The more Interactive Content you post, the more data interactive data you'll be able to collect.  



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