How To Setup Notifications?

Notifications let you stay up to date on everything going on within your building.  

Notifications can be configured by doing the following: 

  • Channel Settings: Navigate over to your channel settings page, this can be done on the web and mobile.
  • Notification Type: Enable the notification type for each channel you are subscribed to.  You can receive notifications in the following ways:

Here are some ways you can get notified: 

  • Email: Recieve the latest communications straight to your inbox.  Form content, building notices, user interactions, and other platform notifications. 
  • SMS: A simple way to stay up to date on content and notices posted within your building.  All with a quick text message.  
  • Push: If you have the Lane app downloaded, you can opt in to receive push notifications on your mobile device. (iOS + Android) 

Notifications can come from a number of sources:

  • Content: Posts and notices can be set to send notifications. These are controlled per channel, from the channel settings screen and can come in the form of emails, push notifications, and SMS messages (Texts).
  • Workflows: Workflows are rules that can be set up for how posts or pages behave, when interacted with. These can include things like: sending an email to the post's creator when somebody interacts with it, or sending an update notification to the user who canceled their submission. 
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