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Workflows are a way to send custom notifications to users on the Lane platform through text, email, or mobile. devices.

Who can use this feature?                                                       👤 Admin Users

Who can see this feature?                                                       👥  End Users


Workflows can be used in a variety of scenarios. Some of these are guest registrations, bookings, classes, maintenance requests, and more. At first look they can be a little daunting, a simple way to think of Workflows is they are a tool to customize when and how you send notifications and to whom! Think of Workflows like recipes. Any combination works to create 

Workflows are tied to interactive content. Learn more about interactive content and how to build it.

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You can create any combination of workflows. Multiple workflows can also be created on one piece of content, the possibilities are limitless. Combining them will trigger a series of steps : 

A workflow begins or changes when an interaction is either

  • created; a member completes an action for the first time ie "purchases a coffee. 
    • or
  • updated; a member creates an additional action in the content - cancels a coffee order.
  • updated; an Admin, or Owner creates an additional action in the content - confirms a member's coffee order.
You can send three types of alerts :
  • a mobile push notification
  • an email
  • a text message

Lastly, you can choose who send one to. You can choose :

  • the creator of the content (typically you!)
  • another individual user.
  • a team of users ie the maintenance team in your building.
  • or the user who is interacting with the content. 

A combination of each one of these options creates a recipe - which simply triggers a notification to be sent to respective parties. 

Workflows are an easy way to create notifications to inform the right people at the right time.