Best Practices: Tabs

The use of Tabs gives you the freedom to configure a customized layout for your app. This will allow you to give your workspace a fresh look, boosting overall engagement!

What Are Tabs? 

Tabs allow for a custom navigation layout to be configured within your Workplace application. A Tab is a navigational link to a page.  For example, the Home Tab links to your Home Page similarly, the Profile Tab links to your profile page.     

Tab Usage

Start off by creating a Page to link out to your Tab.  The Page you link to the Tab is what the End User will see when clicking on your Tab.  

🧠 Need Some Help With Creating A Page?  View the following article: Creating A Page

  • It's best to reserve a Tab to a high impact Page since this will edit the App navigational layout for your users.  You want the Tab to link to a Page that will be used often, making it more convenient to access.   

  • To ensure a clean look and interface, do not exceed more than five active Tabs at a time.   

Style and Naming

It's important to keep the length of your Tab short, and descriptive. This will allow your tenants to have a clear understanding of the Page which is linked to the Tab.

  • Names that are single words (Alpha Characters) are generally easier to comprehend.
  • The goal is to ensure your workspace is smart and intuitive

The iconography used in your Tabs is a key visual identifier to what the linking page is.  

  • You want to try and keep the icons used consistent and cohesive to the overall look and feel of your workplace.   

Tabs are a great way to create a custom look for your app!  Using these best practices, and following set rules will allow you to take full potential of the Tabs functionality. In turn, this will all add-in boosting your workplace engagement.   

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