Discover Lane: Using Unique Content Blocks — Maps, Youtube Videos, and Content from other Channels

Variety is the spice of life 🌶️ Make a practice of using a wide array of content blocks to break up text and to add visual interest to your content pieces. Read on to discover examples you can put to use in your next content card.

Blocks are formats of info that can be dragged and dropped into place to form the perfect piece of content. The same types of blocks are used in Building or Retailer Profiles, Service and Amenity Center Sections and Perks.

Often when creating content, we can become accustomed to the image-text-image loop. But adding a variety of formats makes a post interesting and engaging to read.

Here’s an example of content that uses repetitive imagery, and a paragraph that is too long and uneasy to look at. 

Instead, the user could have:
  • Added multiple images into a hero image carousel
  • Broken up the long paragraph with subheadings or line breaks
  • Added a Map block to illustrate the location of the building
  • Revised the spacing between blocks to improve flow on mobile, rather than coming to an abrupt end
Always remember to use your content to tell a story. Choose visuals over heavy text use. Be succinct, and provide ways to learn more with a call-to-action.
Let’s dive into a few more unique content block examples to make use of in your next content piece:

The Map block quickly displays location with a pin dropped right onto any address the user inputs. This adds geographic context to a simple address field. 
The Youtube block is helpful to drop in a video that plays in-app. Simply copy and paste the Youtube video ID, and the video will display the thumbnail until a user hits "play".
Content from other Channels:
The Content or Content Feed block allows for a link to another content card, or all cards in a particular channel. This is a great value-add to posts because it keeps your subscribers within the app, exploring more of what your channel has to offer!
Lane Tip:

Use the “Column Container” or ”Row Container“ to slot in and lock blocks below or beside one another.

This evens out spacing and makes dragging and dropping entire sections, that much easier.

Seamless and simplified. Just how we like it.