Discover Lane: Using Sub-Channels

This edition, we discuss how using sub-channels at your building can facilitate topical communications between building groups. Speak to a member of the Lane team to get started!

Sub-Channels can be created by the Lane team to help you segment your tenants into categories that make sense for you.

For example, a sub-channel could be created to segment the population of people in the building that you’d like to send tenant feedback surveys to.

The correct permissions and the use of channels and sub-channels could help you target the survey as broad as across many channels, or as niche as singling out one segment of users.

As an example, you could target:
  • The entire portfolio, across buildings, called the Parent Channel (34,000 users)
  • The Building Channel (8,500 users)
  • A sub-channel of corporate long-term lease tenants (5900 users)
  • A sub-channel of the co-working space members (300 members/users)
  • A sub-channel of retailers (120 retailer contacts/users)
Lane Tip: Sub-Channels can be “Public” or “Invite-Only”

You decide how you'd like tenants in the building to come across the sub-channel.
Serendipity? Or a VIP invitation to join? The choice is up to you!
Social Sub-Channels:

Social Groups are a great option for a sub-channel to bring together tenants from any organization in the building to meet new people and share in a common goal or interest! For example, sub-channels would be perfect for a:
  • Charity Initiative
  • Book Club
  • Cycling/Running Club

Building-Service Oriented Sub-Channels:

These are groups that take into consideration a group of building tenants based on a service that they utilize, for example:
  • Fitness Center Members
  • Parking Pass Holders
  • Daycare Parents
Examples of Innovative Use-Cases:
  • Tenant surveys for different populations of the same building
  • Accepting payments for building services like a monthly parking pass
  • A sub-channel of on-site property management staff for internal communications

Ready to create Sub-Channels at your building?

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