Discover Lane: Using a Style Guide to Enhance User Experience

This edition, we discover how to streamline the look and feel of your building channel by using a Style Guide.

But what is a style guide? A style guide is a set of standards for the writing, formatting and design of materials.  Using a set of guiding principles enhances the look and feel of a platform by keeping uniformity and ease as a core focus.

Implement an easy-to-understand Style Guide for all platform managers at your property, so that no matter who publishes content on the building channel, there is a consistent aesthetic that your tenants will come to appreciate. 

Here, are 4 simple changes you can make today to improve your building channel's aesthetic: 

  1. Building Guides
  2. Info Cards
  3. Images
  4. Notices

Building Guides

"Building Guides", are located on the "Work" tab of the Lane mobile app. 

These guides house important building information like access to shared spaces, amenities, security, and other building services, in one, handy spot.

Design them to be easy to access, with appropriate icons, colors, and images. 

  • Do set rules on types of photography used as backgrounds.
  • Do choose solid colored backgrounds based on brand color.
  • Do decide on one set of icons to use consistently.






  • Don't use a combination of iconography from different icon sets. 
  • Don't use a mix of solid-colored backgrounds, icons and photography.  
  • Busy design hinders readability, especially on mobile phones.



Info Cards

On Lane, Info Cards are found in the "Discover" section, and in the "Home" and  "Community" tabs. They are the cards displayed before users click inward to view content in full. 

Of the three formats of Info Cards, “Hero”, “Horizontal” or “Standard”, choose one type to use for all content pieces so that your building channel looks cohesive and flows seamlessly.


  • Do choose one type of info card to use for all content pieces so that your building channel looks consistent.
  • In this example, the platform manager has repeatedly selected the "Standard" card format for each piece of content on the building channel. Lines look clean and each piece is easy to read.



  • Don't use a combination of "Standard", "Horizontal" and "Hero" cards.
  • Mixing-and-matching types of Info Cards leads to an incongruent look and feel.


Great images make content on Lane shine. Experiment with the image settings we’ve made available. Wide and tall images, or maybe a circular frame will fit the need for your content card. As a team, decide on rules surrounding image subject, theme, and quality.

  • Don't use images that hinder readability, for example:
  • Dark images are difficult to view on mobile platforms
  • The use of text on images may not render correctly or appear too small to read
  • Low-resolution images display poorly


  • Do use images that you have the rights to use, and are:
  • Colorful
  • Include a clear subject
  • Have limited or no text
  • High-quality resolution


Notices appear on the “Work” tab of Lane and are a great way to quickly alert tenants of changes to building activity.

For instance, a weather alert, reminder of repair or maintenance, or a security warning.

  • Do use color psychology to choose a background; using reds and yellows for warnings and cautionary notices and greens and blues for informative notices
  • Do keep the text short and meaningful (max 3 lines of text)
  • Do outline clearly when an issue will be resolved
  • Don't forget to use the power of color to quickly signify your message as positive, negative, a warning or simple info.
  • Don't use too much text. Keeping it short and sweet is key.

Small finishing touches help elevate the message. Set some guiding design principles and let the creativity of your team shine through.

Once you've chosen a set of design rules that suit your needs, save the settings as templates to use time and time again.