Discover Lane: Optimizing your Sections

This edition we discuss, the incredibly powerful and info-packed Sections. Everything the workplace members need to access the facilities of their building, quickly, with just a touch.

Workplaces today are interconnected ecosystems. With Lane, every detail surrounding the ins-and-outs of a building should be summarized in one centralized location. 
Let’s get to it:

The Service and Amenity Center, or simply put, the building guides, are a one-stop-shop for all the building’s features your tenants would want to know about. 

Organize these sections into self-explanatory categories such as:
Building Info
Security • Waste Management • First Aid & AEDs • Building Access  • Guest Registration • LEED/Sustainability Info • Service Elevator Use • Smoking/Vaping Policies • Moving and Loading Dock Use • Construction Notices • Digital Forms • Property Team Directory
Shared Spaces
Public Lobbies • Wellness • Co-working • Courtyards or Terraces • Fitness Facilities • Parking Garage • Shower Facilities • Common Spaces • Meeting, Event or Conference Rooms • Bike Storage • Locker Facilities • Exhibition & Art Spaces • Nap or Rest Spaces • Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms
Parking  • Concierge • Cleaning and Maintenance Requests • Daycare • Post & Delivery • Fitness / Wellness Programming • Dry Cleaning • Copy & Print • Car Maintenance • Electric Car Charging
Have a quick form to send out? 
Try housing that form digitally, as a Section of the Service and Amenity Centre.

Here we have an example of a registration form for Fire Wardens on every floor of a building to complete a mandatory fire safety training session.

With a simple form, we can convey top-line info and collect the contact info for all registrants.

Organizers of the Fire Training session will be able to quickly export a spreadsheet of all the registrants from the Admin Portal to plan accordingly for those in attendance.
Be Meaningful and Succinct!

The pages in your Service/ Amenity sections are designed to be succinct and user-friendly. Let your tenants know how to take advantage of this feature in the simplest terms possible. Keep the lengthy appendixes in a print operations manual. The beauty of storing information online is the ease in amending material to stay up-to-date. For each section always include:
Supporting Information
• General description
• Relevant links (i.e. websites)

Access Information
• Access instructions
• Opening hours
• Public contact information (phone number, email address)
• Location in building

Ideal additions
• Imagery of the space
• Any special features, awards or additional information that distinguishes the service or amenity from other buildings 
Lane Tip: Use Info Rows!

Info rows are meant to quickly illustrate must-know info like hours of operation or a phone number to call for support.