Discover Lane: Info Rows, Icons and the Hours of Operation Block

Learning about the diversity of Blocks in our Content Builder is key to crafting beautiful and meaningful content.

By taking into consideration the variety of Content Blocks at your fingertips, we hope you will feel empowered to re-imagine your tenant communications. Be unafraid to build out combinations of content that your subscribers will find useful and memorable.

Get messy, get creative. 
This week we cover, Info Rows, Icons and the Hours of Operation Block — all great ways to incorporate new content blocks, stepping outside of the world of only images and text.

Info Rows:

Info Rows are perfect for quick details like times, dates or fees next to a corresponding icon. A brand new addition to Info Rows is the search feature. Simply type in a keyword to search and select your ideal icon.


In a similar vein, iconography is a great way to break up text and can be used to create white space to ease the eye. On the platform, three different sets of icons can be used, “Ion”, “Material” or “Feather”. We suggest choosing the same set of icons throughout the content piece for continuity.

Hours of Operation:

The Hours of Operation Block is an easy way to create a pre-formatted list of open hours for a particular retail or service outlet. The columns for days of the week and a field for the hours can be edited to suit your content.
Happy Content-Creating!