Discover Lane: Marketing Materials to Promote Lane

Let's discuss how to promote Lane at your office by using vivid visuals and marketing materials that pack a punch. Downloading an app is simple, but always ensure to tell your audience the “why”. Make it easy. And bonus points if you can make it fun!

Before deciding what info to include in your marketing materials, develop a strategy surrounding what outcomes you’d like to see. Is it new users? Promoting a new upgrade to the platform that existing users need to know about? Decide and plan accordingly. 

Next, select spaces that will host your promo for the most optimized views from office-goers in the building. Think: a busy lobby, or in the elevator. 

To really amp up an adoption rate, consider managing RSVPs to a popular tenant event through Lane. Only those that download, register and RSVP will be able to attend your social. The sense of urgency paired with the excitement surrounding an event is a great way to introduce the platform to a new building of users. 
Clear Visuals
When promoting the platform use clear visuals of the app or web version. Consider using images of the platform set in various devices, or show different sections of the app.

Outline Benefits
In a quick, readable format, outline some of the benefits of using Lane at your building. The more building-specific, the better. Highlight how users are notified of building news and events, access to interactive amenities and services, a streamlined way to send in maintenance requests, and exclusive perks and retail promos.

A Distinct Call To Action
Always provide a call to action to prompt what to do next; to download the app! Include a QR code or “Download” icons.
Don’t forget:
  • Logo/App Icon
  • The app name, as found in the App Store or Google Play Store
  • A link to the web version
Lane Tip: 
Beyond downloading the app,
always encourage new users in your building to:

1. Register for an account.
2. Subscribe to their building and company channels.
3. Add notification settings into their profile.