Discover Lane: Learn and Optimize with Interactivity

Here at Lane, we recognize the workplace ecosystem is more complex than ever. Property teams have grown busier and need to rely on automated building services and amenities to be most effective.

With the introduction of our platform, finally, services and amenities like umbrella programs, parking facilities or wellness initiatives can become digitized within the tenant handbooks. 

Often we see services and amenity pages that are stagnant information, using only image and text, like in the example seen below:

However, with a few revisions, this information could be elevated to encourage your tenants to participate.

Digitizing and gathering responses from your tenants allows you to get to know them, and serve them more curated experiences in the future.
Learn about your Audience:

Whenever the opportunity arises, it's imperative to interact with your audience:
  • use our tools to ask a question,
  • fill a form,
  • or collect a response from the reader.
This will help you further understand how services and amenities are being received and how much users are interacting and engaging with their building.

From the example above, we elevated the Bike Share Program card into a survey to learn directly from tenants on how to refine the program. A quick survey gives your tenants a say in the programming created for them, and you gain analytic insights into your tenants' preferences.

Optimize with Revenue Generation:

In another way, add another layer of interactivity by using a Feature like "Payment" to set up a transaction on your content. With a way to natively set up revenue generation, you're able to monetize the program and recoup operational costs.

Revenue for you, and seamless convenience for your tenants.