Discover Lane: Events Do's & Don'ts

Welcome to our next Discover Series: "Content Must-Haves". Lane is an ecosystem of content including building memos, contests, forms, surveys, and more.

Over the next few editions of Discover Lane, you will be led through the best ways to make full use of the potential of the platform. 

First up; events!
Events are an excellent way to build community and ensure subscribers at your building find common ground — in-person, or digitally, to connect and engage with other tenants.

Regardless of the nature of your event, it's vital to outline the date, time, detailed event description and a call-to-action; either to stay tuned or to submit an RSVP.

Here’s an example of beautifully designed content that promotes an upcoming gala: 

In this event post we see:

  • Bold imagery

  • Important event details at the top

  • A way to interact with a form

  • A "purchase" button and payment functionality for tickets

🏆 Love this template?  Contact your Lane Customer Success Manager for access to the template download.

When using Lane, be sure to consider some do’s and don’ts for each of these aspects of event-related content:

  • Promoting events with multi-tier campaigns

  • RSVPs and registrations

  • Paid events

  • Digital events

1. Promoting Events with Multi-Tier Campaigns
To build excitement toward an event coming up, use Lane to create a multi-tier campaign to advertise it. For example:
  • a teaser promo before tickets are live
  • a way to register or buy tickets
  • a thank-you or event recap after the event has wrapped up
  • DO use multiple, consecutive content cards to promote an event, and pre-schedule live dates ahead of time

  • DO use consistent imagery across promos

  • DO use Lane, in tandem with your other cross-media marketing initiatives

  • DON’T keep the same content card published for several weeks at a time. Subscribers may begin to overlook it in their feeds.

Read more on Scheduling and Targeting Posts here

2. RSVPs and Registrations

Use Lane to track and manage RSVPs to any type of event.

On the day of the event, simply check-in registrants by referencing your always-up-to-date guest list.
  • DO use Lane to set up an interactive feature to count RSVPs 

  • DO use table features to build forms to collect additional info like guest names, # of guests, dietary restrictions, etc.

  • DON’T use multiple mediums to collect RSVPs, as it can lead to confusion and duplicated registrations

  • DON’T collect more info than necessary on a form. Keeping things short and sweet minimizes barriers of entry for subscribers

Read more on Interactive Features here

3. Paid Events
Lane makes it easy to set up a payment with our safe and secure integration with Stripe. Your subscribers can pay with a credit card natively within the platform, and funds are allocated straight to the property team.
  • DO set a ticket price and enable the Payment feature to collect ticket fees
  • DO use consecutive content cards to pre-promote your event with special early bird rates, and then use the next content card to sell tickets at regular rates once the early bird period is over

  • DON’T publish multiple content cards that have differing ticket prices. This can be confusing to subscribers and deter sales.
Contact your Lane Customer Success Manager to set up Payments

4. Digital Events
Can’t manage an in-person event? Digital webinars, web conferences and live feeds are the way to go when covering a topic that has worldwide appeal. The example below includes a clear and easy way to access the webinar event link.
  • DO use links and icons to create hyperlinks out to webinar URLs or Dial-In options
  • DO keep in mind and clarify the time zone that your digital event will be held
  • DO send a push notification to registrants before the event to remind them of events held digitally, without a location. 

  • DON’T forget to clarify the time zone that your digital event will be held, or else cross-continental subscribers may miss out on the action.
Read more on Push Notifications here
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