Discover Lane: Creating Notices

Notices are a great way to keep your tenants informed of changes or reminders. Anything that impacts the ability to access or move freely within a property should be a notice on your building channel. Everyone stays in the loop with Lane.

Notices are displayed in the Notices section on the Work tab of a building channel, as well as under the Discover section of the homepage.
Example 1: An unexpected change, but with a timeline for a resolution.
Types of Notices:
  • Building changes, like construction, access, parking, outages, planned maintenance, internet connectivity, etc.
  • Reminders, for drills, or general housekeeping reminders.
  • Emergencies or warnings, such as any damages or unplanned changes.
  • Live updates or alerts created to inform of changes in real-time.
Example 2: Reminding tenants about the location of a live event, with no other call-to-action but to come and enjoy!
Always include:
  • A detailed, informative header
  • Time and place to allow for accommodations or adjustments to be made
  • Resolution or conclusion, so that tenants are aware of when the issue will be taken care of
  • A background colour that draws fair attention
Example 3: Alerting tenants before the maintenance, so they are able to plan their use of the network accordingly.
Lane Tip:

Set a push notification to be sent at the time that best informs your tenants! Sending notifications on notices overrides a user’s notification settings, which makes them particularly useful for urgent messages.

Be proactive, timely and meaningful.