Discover Lane: Creating Contests and Giveaways

Let's discuss how to engage with your tenants in a format that is undeniably easy to participate in — contests and giveaways! Punchy visuals, simple form-filling and an effortless way to draw a lucky winner. It’s a great way to build excitement!


Select a prize that is meaningful to your population of tenants. Have it be significant enough that it draws attention and becomes a conversation starter at your building.

Vivid Visuals

Use bright, exciting imagery to convey the message and get people clicking!

Collect your Contest Entries

Use the Interactive Features on Lane to build out a form to gather the info you need to contact your winners. 
Always collect names and email addresses, and ensure they are mandatory required fields.

Any number of data points could be collected, based on the nature of the contest you are hosting.
If needed, add in a check-box to opt-in to other communications or newsletter mailing lists. 
Limit the Number of Entries

Lane makes it easy to limit contest entries, rather than publishing to a social media post. Like in any contest, limiting the number of entries creates a fair opportunity for all entrants to win. In Lane’s Interactive Features, simply set the “Number of Entries” field to one per user. 

Draw the Winner

When you’re ready to announce your winner, all contest entries are organized into a table on the Admin Portal. The info you gathered through the form will populate into a chart, with simple sort functions.