Discover Lane: Content Combos with Rows and Columns

We’ve covered: images, icons, maps, video and more... But how do we create combinations of content that complement each other? A great tool to use to keep blocks in line with one another and easy to section apart is to use Column and Row Containers.

Row Container

The Row Container Block is used to slot in other content blocks so that they align vertically beside one another. The entire block will be locked in place to make it easier to drag-and-drop the entire section.

Here’s an example of the Row Container being used to align Info Rows that are displaying Social Media icons. By changing the horizontal padding, the alignment can be changed to place them centred on the card.

Perhaps you’d like to have two or more Content Blocks placed beside one another — simply use a Row Container. In this example, there are three Content Blocks displaying links to other content on the channel, neatly placed in a row.

Column Container

The Column Container works to place content blocks locked in place below one another. This works well for creating a form with text fields, like in the example below.

Maybe you’d like to try blocking together multiple Content blocks displaying other related events or happenings in a particular channel. Using the column container makes it simple to rearrange blocks within the container, but drag and drop them within the content card all together as a gang.
Happy Content-Creating!