Discover Lane: Building Forms and Collecting Responses

Lane is designed to cater to your audience of tenants. Be informed of what your tenants’ needs and wants are by asking the right questions!

With Lane, you’re able to use the Interactive Features to build out Content Cards with a variety of response types.

Text Inputs

Need a simple text or number response? Add in an Input box and customize to text, email, number, currency, date range etc. All the data you need will populate into a neat table. Perfect for exporting into a spreadsheet.
Check Boxes

Want to pose a question that could have multiple answers? Check Boxes let the user select multiple choices.
Radio Buttons

Radio Buttons are great to use for a “Likert Scale” where you’d like users to answer your prompt with one choice on a rating scale. Excellent for surveying your tenants.
Drop-Down Selections

In a circumstance where you have more than 8 list options? Try a drop-down instead!
Lane Tip: Manipulate data responses in the way you want!

Simply hit “Download” to export all of your responses into a CSV file, to manipulate or sort in a spreadsheet.