Discover Lane: Choosing the Best Images

This edition of Discover, we tackle the topic of image selection. What size; what types of images, and how to compose click-worthy content!

Lane is a vivid platform; if you want it to be! Choose images that are perfectly sized, high in quality and compelling to the scroller. Stop them in their tracks, I say. 

The first step to building engagement is to create an attractive interface that people are excited to peruse through.

Image Subject

Use images that are sharp and memorable. Avoid using images with text, as the text may become too small to read. Instead focus on simple, eye-catching subjects that have minimal components, like these:
Lane Tip: Use images that have a look and feel that suits your building and the tenants within.

Instead of stock photography; use real images of your building and tenants whenever possible. Familiarity breeds trust, and it’s especially fun for tenants to see themselves in action, in-app!
Sourcing Great Images

There are amazing resources online for free stock photos to help you find the perfect imagery. Here are some of our Lane favorites:
• Pixabay
• Pexels
Image Size in Content Cards

The viewable area of a Standard Card image will change depending on the device it's being viewed on. Because Lane is a dynamic platform, different mobile phones will display content in varying sizes.

That being said, the following guide can be used when creating the image so that the contents of the image can be controlled. 

Images should be at a minimum: 750 px wide by 350 px tall. Within that area, an area of approximately 550px wide by 310 px tall will be viewable on most devices when using the Standard card layout (the area within the green box below). The area outside of the centre (the area outside of the green box below) will still be viewable on certain devices.
Image Quality

Avoid using images that are low in quality or pixelated. The best way to ensure this never happens is to use images that are large in size dimensions or cropped to fit the Content Card template without resizing.

Lane Tip: Always use images that you have the legal rights to use! 

If you’re using images from the web, credit accordingly. Please respect copyrights, watermarks, and usage guidelines.