Discover Lane: Adding a Payment in Wallet

Let's dive in and discuss how to add a Payment Method into your Wallet. Having credit card information pre-inputted into your Lane accounts makes it quick and easy to purchase perks or pay for services available at your building!

Users can manage their payment information from the Wallet under the Profile tab. Here, users can add or remove credit card information on their account.

It takes three simple steps to add a card:
  1. Go to “Profile” and choose “Wallet”
  2. Hit “+” to add in your credit card information
  3. Click “Done”
Now you’re ready to make purchases on Lane, including, perks, promos or services in the Amenity Center sections, such as parking passes or meeting room bookings.
To remove a previously added card, simply click the “Edit Cards” button at the bottom of the page and click the “-” button.

Contact our team to learn more about transaction opportunities on Lane.
Lane Tip:

Encourage new users to set up their payment methods during the sign-up process.

Or create a Content Card that reminds tenants to add a method of payment, to help maintain a seamless experience when making purchases.