Digital Activations

Best practices for launching your workplace experience platform with a digital activation

Digital Activations

Supporting your app's launch with an activation is a great way to generate adoption on day one. Digital activations in particular can be a cost-effective, low-touch method for encouraging tenants to download the app and access the web portal.

What is a digital activation?

A digital activation is an event your tenants can experience through the mobile app. They don't require any physical setup and usually happen in a predetermined time frame. 

Typically, digital activations require some sort of oversight and active management. However, since these activations are experienced through the mobile app and not in the building, this oversight and management can be done remotely. 

Types of digital activations

While there are no limitations on what a digital activation can entail, there are a few types that tend to be popular:


  • By creating a post with a simple form, your users can "opt-in" to receive some sort of item. 
  • Common items include: Gift Cards (sent via email), Vouchers/ discount codes (sent via email), Food item (user picks up in person), tickets (sent via email)
  • Consider doing multiple giveaways over the course of a day, each one becoming more valuable. 


  • By creating a post with a simple form, your users can "opt-in" for a chance to win some sort of item. 
  • Since there will be a limited number of items given away, the value of each can be higher. Still, common items include gift cards, vouchers, food items, and tickets.
  • Winners can be determined by selecting at random from the list of entrants or by time-to-respond, where only the first so many entrants are selected. 
  • Again, consider doing multiple contests over the course of a day. 


  • By creating posts with a question, users can submit answers to accumulate points and win prizes.
  • Questions can be contained into a single post, or spread out over the course of the day. If you spread them out over a few posts, you can provide users an up-to-date leaderboard in each new post.
  • You can limit the amount of time users have to respond to questions.

Facilitating digital activations

Digital activations are hosted on the mobile app. With the use of Lane's content calendar, you can interact with your tenants through posts.

Posts provide the ability to ask questions and collect responses from your tenants. These responses can be reviewed in real-time on the Lane Admin Portal. 

Posts can be created in advance and scheduled to go live at specific times; users can be informed via push notifications when they go live. With this functionality, you can keep tenants engaged through the duration of a digital activation.

Human touch & advertising

While digital activations are experienced through the mobile app, it is still essential to support your launch with some physical presence in the building. After all, your tenants must first know about the mobile app before they can download it and partake in the activation. 

A physical presence can be established with posters or desk drops that highlight both the features of the mobile app and the forthcoming digital activation. At the end of the day, your tenants should be aware of the mobile app by simply walking through their workplace. 

If you have a list of emails for your tenants, you can also create an email marketing campaign in the lead up to the app's launch and digital activation. It’s always good practice to reference your mobile app and web portal in any tenant communications, whether online or offline. 

Best practices 

  • Sustain engagement for an extended period of time. To make a digital activation a true "experience" for your tenants, you should send out multiple posts over the course of a full day. Every post should call on the previous posts that came before them.