Creating New Teams

Learn to create a new team at a given property

To learn more about teams, please see this page. 

To create new teams, visit the Team Management page on the Admin Portal. To begin, click the “Add” button on the top of that page. 

On the team creation page, you will have to input a team name, and determine the team’s permissions and requirements. 

Permissions determine what abilities members of the team will have on the platform. For tenant teams, they will only need a few permissions. Whereas, admin teams (those that have access to the Admin Portal) will require a more elaborate permission setup. 

Requirements determine what information members of the team have to provide to admins of the channel in which the team is being created. Most of these requirements pertain to the user’s data, and should be selected carefully.   

Note: When creating a new team, an admin can only grant permissions and requirements that their team also has.