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Create a Survey

Setting up a survey is a great way of gathering information from your tenants!

Who can use this feature?                                                       👤Admin Users

Who can see this feature?                                                       👥End Users


What is a Survey?
Surveys are a perfect way to gather useful information from your tenants while boosting overall engagement.  With the use of Interactive content, obtaining details from members of our workplace becomes very easy.  We can collect data such as Custom Inputs, Phone, Numbers, Emails.  The following article will walk you through all you need to know in getting a basic Survey configured.  

Creating a Survey

  • Select Content Center
  • Start a New Post
  • Chose the Survey Template on the Info page

🧠Having trouble creating a Survey Template? Contact the account Customer Success Manager!

  • Set up the required details for your post.  
  • Click Next
  • Select the Interactive button, to activate Interactive features

Building out a Survey

  • Configure the layout and details for your Survey posting
  • This includes configuring titles, images, time availability and other post information

  • Once complete, select the Table tab at the top menu bar. 
    • From there, click on the question field you'd like to edit.  

  • Next, you can update the Question Name, Type, & Placeholder Text.

💡Keep in mind, set the 'Type' for the kind of data you are looking to collect.  (i.e Email, Text, Date)

  • To add another field, click on the '+' button, and define the information in the Table Editor as instructed in the previous step.  

  • Furthermore, a question can be removed by selecting it from the list and clicking delete in the Table Editing Menu.   

  • Hooray! Once tailored to your liking, your Survey will be ready for your tenants to engage with. 🎉