Create A Section

Who can use this feature? 👤Org Admins, Workplace Admins
Who can see this feature? 👥Workplace Members

What is a Section?

Sections are folders that make it easy to find pages and content you create. In previous versions of Lane, they'd host building-specific content that doesn't have an expiration date and commonly referred to as evergreen content.  

You can use sections to house information that Workplace Members use on a regular basis.

  • Have specific steps to access amenities like bike storage or parking?
  • Perhaps you have new hires who'd like to learn about the building and surrounding restaurants in their first week in the building? 
  • Are you a completely green building? Gather insights about carpooling, recycling programs, and your organization's annual initiatives. 

The possibilities are endless! 

These can appear in multiple places, depending on how you build Pages or Content you build. Build on this idea. 💡

Create a Section

  • Under Sections, click on Manage Sections
  • Click the “New Section” button or the Create Section (+) icon found next to next to your last section
  • Add a title, simple description
  • Add a section type 
    • You can choose two section types: Static and Dynamic.
      • A Static Section is when you can manually add Pages and Content into the Section. This is ideal when building a section with very specific information - like guides on what to do in different emergencies.
      • A Dynamic Section is a section where content is automatically pulled into the Section. Assigning a category will add any Page tagged with the same category into the Section. This works great if you create a multi
  • Next, choose the visual look of your Section.
  • To complete the Section, add any tags that are relevant to the Section. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 6.51.19 PM

  • Hit the Create button when you're done! 

✨Sections you create will surface in the sidebar for easy access!