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Create a Notice

Notices and announcements are a great way to give a quick heads up to subscribers about ongoings in your building!

Who can use this feature? 👤Admin Users
Who can see this feature? 👥End Users

What is a Notice?

A Notice is important information sent to your workplace experience platform. You can also use these functionalities to share Announcements! Notices and Announcements have a limited lifespan!  The lifetime of a piece of content is set when creating it in the Content Center. The group which is notified can also be chosen in the Targeting tab. Use Notices when your elevator is down, free coffee in the lobby, or a new retail space opening in your building. To keep things simple, let's refer to this style of content as a Notice.

✨Use a notice to let the building know about temporary events happening in the building to help them prepare for the day.

Create A Notice

  • In the Admin Dashboard for the channel, open the left-hand sidebar.
  • Click on Content Centre
  • Click on New Notice

Filling out a Notice

  • In the first dropdown select a layout for the card Notice or Message Card
  • Select a Subtitle type;
      • Date opens a calendar to select an end date.
      • None will remove the subtitle.
      • Custom will open a text input for custom text.
  • Select a color, you can enter your selected color or use the color picker.
  • Enter information into your notice card.
  • Click Save to save your work before navigating to the next step, so it can be found in the Drafts tab later.

💡Content that is scheduled to go live in the future or has been live is found under the Published tab, and non-published content is found in the Drafts tab!

Choose who sees the Notice and when

Choosing dates: 

  • Select a date for the notice to go live. This is when the notice will be pushed to End-Users.
  • Select the start and end date from the second date-picker. This is how long the notice will be visible to End-Users.

Who sees the Notice :

  • In the right-hand panel, you will see default settings. These will push the notification to everyone on the channel. To send the Notices to an existing sub-group follow the steps below.

Deselect the name of the workspace. Choose one or more of the following 

  • A Team in the current channel to target.
  • A Subchannel in the current channel to target.
  • A Tenant in the current channel to target.

Click Save to save your work before navigating to the final step, so it can be found in the Drafts tab later.

🧠 The timezone defaults to the timezone of the Admin User creating the content.