Best Practices: Notices

Notices are a quick and easy way to let your workplace know what's happening in your building!

Let's talk about Notices

There is lots of activity in your building! It's the small (and sometimes very large) details that keep the hustle and bustle going. Notices are an easy way to get information shared on a wide scale through a quick snapshot. Straightforward to create and with minimum lift notices are simple yet impactful. Here are some best practices to make sure your people get the right information at the right time.Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 1.18.48 PM

When is the right time for a Notice?

Think of Notices as announcements. Notices have a limited lifespan and can expire from the platform, depending on the guidelines you set. Use notices to let people know there will be construction in the building, an exciting competition in the lobby, or if your building hours need to change temporarily.

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Keep it short and simple.

Notices are short and important announcements. Keep your titles short, only highlighting the activity that's happening.

In the body of the Notice share a few details that clearly highlight the time, location, and a call to action. 




Choose great colors!

To catch everyone's eye use colors that are bright and attractive. Great colors to choose are primary colors, your brand colors, or a palette decided upon with your team. Take a look at this resource to create new color palettes:


Notices are a great way to communicate with subscribers through your platform. Small, digestible bites designed to connect important information with the right people.

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