Best Practices: Creating Content

Content creates the opportunity to communicate directly with your subscribers. Check out these best practices on how to create content that leaves an impression!

Questions and information sharing are a few ways to keep engagement high and subscribers up to date about the ongoings in your workplace.

Lane provides many ways to build content. Here are some best practices to help you create the best content strategy you possibly can. There are no limits on what sort of content you can publish to the platform.

In this article we'll cover:

Types of Content

At Lane, there are two types of content: static and dynamic. Let's take a deeper dive into what they mean and a few examples of each!


The first thing to remember is that static content doesn't have a timeline. It's sometimes called evergreen content. Static content is content that doesn't go out of date. Static content lives in your app regardless of the current of the season or current events in your building. Here are a few examples of static content. 

Important policies

  • If there are relevant policies, publish these in the main content feed as an article.

Tenant profiles

  • Writing profiles on the companies, retailers, or people that inhabit your building can be an effective way to foster workplace community. It can even drum up new business for those tenants that are featured.   

Building history

  • Your building may have a particularly interesting history. Subscribers may be interested in learning how the history of their workplace and how it has evolved. 

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Dynamic content has a lifespan. Content with more short-term relevance is essential to help keep subscribers engaged. We recommend cycling content regularly. Dynamic content keeps your feed lively and relevant to subscribers, driving engagement.


  • Notices quickly communicate essential information to the tenant, such as building maintenance, closures, alarm testing, and more!

Contests and Giveaways

  • Keep your tenants engaged with contests that provide some sort of prize. There are multiple ways in which you can run a contest and choose winners - from random selection to skill-testing. 


  • Have an upcoming event at the building? An event in the community? Be sure to inform your tenants through the mobile app. You can track RSVPs through a content post. 

Programming initiatives

  • Want to get subscribers involved in an initiative? Announce the building's efforts through the mobile app to encourage engagement in programs.

Choosing The Best Images

Choosing the right images can make or break your content! Here are some easy guidelines when looking to upload images into the content you create :

  1. Avoid images that have text! This draws the eye away from the written content. 
  2. Try to stick with vibrant, crisp images.
  3. Choose images that fit your brand's color palette.
  4. Adding images will break up your copy for improved readability.
  5. Use these guidelines to choose the best image sizes :
    • Short : 300px*500px.
    • Medium : 400px*500px.
    • Tall : 685px*500px.

    🧠When looking or images online, search for royalty-free images. Take a look through Unsplash, Pixabay, and Burst by Shopify for great images.

    Creating the Best Copy

    Copy is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and inform subscribers to take a particular action. It's that simple and writing great copy is too. Here are some easy to follow guidelines to create impactful and long-lasting copy.

    Write a powerful headline

    • Make the headline useful sharing relevant information.
    • Try to make your headlines unique and not repeat them.
    • It's better to be ultra-specific to let subscribers choose which content is best for them.

    Use common spelling

    • Slang or variations of common words can distract your subscribers. Try to use full, recognizable words. This means avoiding using pls instead of please, instead of using the @ symbol use the word at, and instead of writing nite, use night.

    Avoid flowery writing and fancy words

    It's easy to get lost in writing. Keep it simple and short. 

    You can write a simple sentence that shares your message clearly and concisely. 

    Good copy gets to the point and fast. Avoid big words and wordy sentences.

    The structure of sentences must be simplified to amplify your message in a way that is distinctly succinct. Suitable copy arrives at the destination swiftly. Circumvent the need for larger than life words and long-winded sentences.


    Write naturally

    • You know your building and subscribers better than anyone else. Speak like them and do it in a way that conveys you are a real person with a genuine interest in offering your help and expertise.

    Write with nouns and verbs

    • Adjectives and adverbs can quickly become filler. The more descriptors that are thrown in, the higher the chances subscribers lose interest.

    Edit and rewrite

    • The first draft is always good, the second draft even better, the third times a charm. Do some editing.  Write a post, do something else and then, come back and edit again.

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