Admin Portal Access

Learn how access to the admin portal is granted or revoked for any user

All the channels on the platform are managed through the Admin Portal. In order to access the Portal, a user must belong to a Team that has permission to manage a channel. 

By default, every channel has a team called Users. These Users have permissions that allow them to manage the content centre, the services & amenities centre, plus a host of other features on the channel . 

Users  can access the admin portal to the channels they have access to,  by clicking the green star on the channel selector.

New teams can be created that grant other users permission to manage the Admin Portal. For more information on “Teams” and how to create them, please see this article. 

To add a user to a Team, go to the Team Management page on the Admin Portal. Open one of the teams that has permission to manage the channel, and click “Invite User” in the top right corner.